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Gift: Chocolat by Silicogasa Gift: Chocolat :iconsilicogasa:Silicogasa 7 6 grumpy fox and annoying cat by Muserkikki grumpy fox and annoying cat :iconmuserkikki:Muserkikki 5 23 Jelly Alligator by PrinceSUTrash Jelly Alligator :iconprincesutrash:PrinceSUTrash 2 0 car 29 by NIGHTCAST666 car 29 :iconnightcast666:NIGHTCAST666 3 0 car 7 by NIGHTCAST666 car 7 :iconnightcast666:NIGHTCAST666 1 0 car 24 by NIGHTCAST666 car 24 :iconnightcast666:NIGHTCAST666 2 0 Stamp: Touching Thighs by Silicogasa Stamp: Touching Thighs :iconsilicogasa:Silicogasa 5 12 Mystic Camera by Silicogasa Mystic Camera :iconsilicogasa:Silicogasa 1 4 Ruikaen, FlyinMike115 and some gnarled person by Bechstein Ruikaen, FlyinMike115 and some gnarled person :iconbechstein:Bechstein 1 2 Plague Doctor Ruikaen and Friends by Bechstein Plague Doctor Ruikaen and Friends :iconbechstein:Bechstein 1 3 Gift: Kigaru Itokuzu by Silicogasa Gift: Kigaru Itokuzu :iconsilicogasa:Silicogasa 4 4 Fire on the Dance Floor concept art / screenshot by Bechstein Fire on the Dance Floor concept art / screenshot :iconbechstein:Bechstein 1 5 Gift: Valentine Sylveon by Silicogasa Gift: Valentine Sylveon :iconsilicogasa:Silicogasa 7 2
Is she here, is he there
Do they hate, do they care
All the lights light up
Lips will curl and scream
While tears fill my cup
Coming appart by the seam
Mind goes left and right
A battle wages in my head
My heart beat up in the fight
So I'll just curl up in my bed
Is he pretending, is she true
Do they want me, are they through
I don't know where to go
Lost in darkness chasing flames
Which is right I do not know
But all fade or play games
They trick me to do the wrong things
Make me lose friends or push away
The loss of love simply stings
When anxiety is in my heart to stay
Is this true, is it wrong
am I weak, am I strong
Morals are in a twist
My feelings tell me to go two ways
Ripping me appart so I clench fists
And swing at loved ones in horrid ways
Just let me go I beg you please
Anxietys grip pulls me down
Overwhelms me like a swarm of bees
I feel like all I can do is drown
Is it over, or more dispear
or will they care when I'm not there
I guess I wont ever know
All I can do is strug
:iconfluffyfawn:FluffyFawn 1 2
Jared Leto by HimeSam Jared Leto :iconhimesam:HimeSam 1 0 High five! by Bechstein High five! :iconbechstein:Bechstein 3 5


Gobble Gobble, people. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Tell me, what are you particularly appreciative of?
The Apple
You know what they say...when you get a photo of a hand holding a apple you do something with it. In my case, i did this to it. Honestly, how could i not? Its a perfect set up for this. Yes, the doctor's mouth looks like an upside down smile, I did my best to make it look frowny but my photo editing skills can only get me so far. 
Boss Fight
Recently I've gotten myself more involved with pic and photo editing and the creative juices have been flowing. I've been getting the base images from PicsArt which i have also been using for my edits and my other work ive used it for, it's a super handy, feature rich tool for photo editing and I highly recommend getting it. I know this doesn't seem like a photo edit, and it doesnt help that the base image was a circle surrounded by four lines and four triangles on white background.
Fawn for Life
This is another gift drawing that I compiled for another good friend of mine, otherwise known as FluffyFawn (or as I fondly refer to him as "Catdeer" hence the whiskers.) I made this as a token of my overall appreciation of him as a friend. The text you see is a poem written in Elvish (if you notice any grammatical errors, blame the translator I used. I don't know any Elvish) Enjoy, Catdeer!
Hey ever get those days when one moment someone you know is a close friend then another moment they mean nothing to you? That recently just happened to me during the weekend. On the midnight of Saturday the forth, me and what used to be a dear friend separated after a intense argument that ensued between us. It was started when he asked me about a favor I was going to do for him, I told him I wasn't able to do that favor right away but my earliest convenience would be by Monday but that upset him more than anything. Let me explain why, for a while he's been working on a Sonic fan fiction audio novel and it's been continuously stressing him out for as long as he's been working on it. According to him he needs to get certain parts of it done by certain dates and the favor I was going to do for him was take a audio recording of part of a chapter from the audio novel and edit out some imperfect parts. I've done this more than once before for him because we were good friends and I hated seeing him so stressed out so I figured I could give him a helping hand and in those past times I've gotten it done either the same day or next day. This time, his next dead line was kind of close and apparently that weekend delay was too much for him so he decided to get upset at me. I tried to reassure him that I'll get it done as soon as possible and he'll be fine but you know what he did? He spoke to me like I'm some petty, pathetic pacifist and that's when things got heated. In the end, he shoved me away never wanting to see me again which, if you ask me, is pretty pathetic. He thought that because he is so stressed out that he had a perfectly valid excuse to treat me like total garbage and throw our friendship away just like that. Isn't that ridiculous? After all that I've done for him (other stuff along with the help with editing) he decided that after hearing something he doesn't want to hear I'm suddenly the worst person in the world to him. Quite frankly, I'm glad we're not friends anymore now that I know that he was very ungrateful for any friends he would ever have. That's life for ya, you know? That drama being over with I'm moving on without a care in the world and thankful for the true friends that I have that stick with me through the worst of times and through the best of times. That's right my friends, thank you for being there for me :D. I really appreciate it, you guys are great. To all my good friends and fellow watchers, live long and art on.



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